High performance CNC plasma cutting machine 

Our Firecut range of CNC Plasma Cutting machines has rapidly gained a reputation for their strong build, consistent, high quality cutting and reliability.

Built to order and designed around our customer’s requirements, City Plasma Services can provide a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine to meet your individual needs.

All our Firecut cnc plasma cutting machine range are built around Hypertherm’s CNC controls ,torch height controls and of course their plasma cutting systems, their Pronest nesting and cut optimization software marry seamlessly to provide an easy to use solution to enable our customers to cut consistent high quality parts every time.

The range starts with the Firecut lite which has been designed to meet the needs of small to medium companies who have a requirement for a general purpose jobbing machine and ends with the Firecut Gold which is designed to meet the requirements of customers who want laser cut quality but don’t want to spend a king’s ransom to achieve it.

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Hypertherm CNC Plasma cutting table

Firecut lite logo

Firecut lite 2018 CNC plasma cutting table

The Firecut Lite CNC plasma cutter maybe the smallest of our Firecut family but it comes  packed with industry leading technology and hardware to produce high quality cutting every time.

  • Compact Heavy Duty
  • Supports 35mm Plate
  • 2.5 x 1.25, 3 x 1.5 or 4 x 2 metre cut area
  • max Speed: 20,000 mm/min
FIRECUT Lite CNC plasma cutting table

Firecut silver logo

Firecut Silver 2018 CNC plasma cutting table

The Firecut Silver heavy duty cnc Plasma Cutting Machine has been designed to provide our customers with a machine that is capable of running in the most demanding environments where high production plasma cutting is required

  • Heavy Duty
  • Capable of prolonged use in demanding enviroments
  • Compact: 3mx1.5m to 4mx2m
  • Rail Mounted: Up to 12mx5m
  • max Speed: 20,000 mm/min
  • True Laser cut quality*
FIRECUT Silver CNC Plasma cutter

Firecut gold logo

Firecut Gold 2018 CNC plasma cutting table

The FIRECUT Gold heavy duty plasma cutting machine has been designed to give the highest possible quality plasma cutting available while being the most cost efficient to run.

  • Heavy duty high performance.
  • Cut area rail mounted: Up to 20m x 5x
  • Speed: 50-20000 mm/min.
  • True laser cut quality*
FIRECUT Gold Plasma cutting table