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Hypertherm Powermax Cutting Machines

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Hypertherms' range of air plasma cutting systems sets the standard for air plasma cutting and gouging and comes with a three year machine warranty and a one year torch warranty... that is how good this range is!

Trade in your old Plasma Cutting Machine.Trade in your old Plasma Cutting Machine.

City Plasma Services are now pleased to offer you the opportunity to trade in your old, worn out plasma cutting machine and receive extra discount against a brand new Hyperertherm plasma cutter, regardless of age, make and model.

Contact us now to see what your old machine is worth when you upgrade to the most reliable, cost efficient plasma cutting machines currently available!

Compressed air as the cutting gas.

With output currents ranging from 30 to 105 amps, we have a plasma cutter that fits your requirements, using nothing more than compressed air as the cutting gas and having the best consumable life in their class, these machines are extremely economical to use.

All machines in the Powermax range are available as manual systems and with exeption of the Powermax 30 are available with machine torches and cpc ports enabling them to be connected to a cnc plasma cutting machine such as our Firecut machine for mechanised cutting.

For additional information to help you choose your ideal Powermax system please download the Powermax Selection Guide PDF (2.8Mb).

Powermax 30: 3/8" (10 mm)

Download a PDF (441Kb) containing more information and specifications of the Powermax 30

Hypertherm state that this machine will sever 12mm we managed 20mm!
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The new Powermax 30 is the smallest air plasma cutting machine that Hypertherm have ever made. This machine really does punch above its weight, all 9kgs of it. Combine it with a 4CFM compressor and your ready to go.

Auto voltage versatility means it will run on any voltage from 110 vac to 240 vac with no switching required. With no need for air regulation all you have to do is plug it in, attach your air line and start cutting.
Powermax 30 Features and Specifications PDF (441Kb)

Powermax 45: ¾" (19mm)

Download a PDF (240Kb) containing more information and specifications of the Powermax 45

A fantastic addition to Hypertherm's Powermax range is the Powermax 45 Hand held or mechanised plasma cutting system.

It incorporates several new innovations resulting in superior cut quality, reduced dross, increased consumables life and greater cut capacity (we managed to sever 30mm mild steel).

The machine is available in 240 volt single phase and 415 volt 3 phase versions and weighs in at 16 kg making this a very portable and versatile piece of equipment.

Powermax 45 Features and Specifications PDF (240Kb).

Powermax 65: 1" capacity (25 mm) and the Powermax 85: 1-1/8-inch capacity (29 mm)

Image of Powermax 65

The new powermax 65The Powermax 65 offers much more flexibility than ever before. View the video below.

View the Powermax 65/85 installation video

With the choice of two different hand and machine torch styles it allows you to adapt the machine to the job you are doing.

Smart Sensetm technology automatically sets the air pressure according to the cut mode and torch length.

Fastconnecttm torches make it really easy to swap between torch styles.

LCD screen for increased operator control and fault finding.

Lightweight design at only 26 kg it offers one of the best weight to power ratios on the market.

This plasma cutting machine boasts the highest consumable life in its class, a nozzle shield design which allows you to drag the torch on the plate.

Easy torch removal design means you can swap the torch over in seconds without the use of tools. The machine has a hand torch cut capacity of 25mm and cutting a speed of over 3 metres a minute on 6mm mild steel. Powermax 65 Features and Specifications PDF (406Kb)

The Powermax 85 is essentially the big brother of the Powermax 65.

It gives you the ability to either cut quicker at the same cutting capacity or cut thicker materials (38mm severance on mild steel). Powermax 85 Features and Specifications PDF (414Kb)

Image of Powermax 105

The Powermax 105 is the largest in the Powermax series of plasma cutting machines, with a severance capacity of over 50mm.

This is the fastest most powerful of the Powermax range of machines, with the best economy and reliability in it's class, the 105 packs all the features of the 65 and 85 but with the power to cut 12mm plate at 2500mm per minute and gouge over 10kg per hour.

Considering the ability of this machine to cut a wide range of materials and thicknesses it seems surprising that it can run off a 32amp, 3 phase socket.

Powermax 105 Features and Specifications PDF (610Kb)

Please view our video of the MaxPro 200 in action

Hypertherm MaxPro 200: Heavy Duty and High Capacity Plasma Cutting

50mm (2") capacity

The MaxPro 200 takes this technology to the next level producing virtually dross free cutting up to 20mm, production pierce up to 32mm and maximum cut of 50mm on mild steel. The MaxPro 200 also boasts the fastest cut speed in its class and of course, really long parts life.

We understand the competitive nature of the profiling industry and are confident that these machines will give you a very good return for your investment.

So, if you are buying a new cutting table or want up upgrade your existing one, contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Multi Gas Plasma Cutting Systems

View the MaxPro 200 video above

The MaxPro 200 advantage

MaxPro 200 Features and Specifications (PDF 5Mb).

MaxPro 200 Manual Applications (PDF 300Kb).

Email us or call us on 0114 2487575 to arrange a personal demonstration of how the Powermax range can help you.