Superior cut quality, Increased productivity & Robust design

Traditional torch height controls require operators to periodically adjust arc voltage to ensure proper cut height. Using Hypertherm’s proprietary techniques, the ArcGlide® torch height control (THC) continuously samples arc voltage and automatically adjusts arc voltage for proper torch height over the life of the consumables without requiring operator input.

The result: optimal cut quality, improved productivity and reduced operating costs for plasma cutting applications – including True Hole® capability for HyPerformance® plasma HPRXD® installations. The ArcGlide Perfect solutions for your CNC plasma cutting table.

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Optimize your plasma investment with superior torch height positioning

The ArcGlide THC builds on more than 40 years of Hypertherm’s experience in the cutting industry. Designed to deliver optimized performance with minimal operator input, the ArcGlide THC provides superior performance and reliability for plasma applications while reducing the cost of cutting.

Improved productivity and reduced operating costs

  • Optimal consumable life and superior cut quality through  arc voltage sampling and control
  • True Hole™ technology capable for HPRXD™ installations
  • Up to 80% improvement in parts cut per hour
  • Extremely robust mechanics backed by a two year warranty
  • Easy to use HMI (human machine interface) for fast job setup in under a minute

Performance advantages are achievable with minimal operator input, eliminating the need for extensive training and allowing you to get the best performance across any shift with any operator at any plant

Optimize cut quality and consumable life

Using Hypertherm’s proprietary techniques, the ArcGlide™ THC automatically and continuously samples and adjusts arc voltage to correct for consumable wear. This results in proper torch height for optimal cut quality over the life of the consumables without requiring operator adjustment.


Applications of height controls

The ArcGlide THC is designed to operate in harsh cutting environments.

  • Plasma on/off and torch raise/lower control locally and remotely
  • Laser pointer included for easy job setup
  • Durable magnetic breakaway for omni-dierectional protection of the torch duringcollisions with rapid re-install
  • Pierce guard prevents damage from molten metal spatter
  • Single, color coded cable connection to the lifter for easy connectivity
  • Completely enclosed, doubly protected slide mechanics protect slide internals from metallic dust ingress
  • Patent pending automatic stall force calibration for accurate positioning regardless of torch weight

heavy duty plasma cutter bevil head

A stand-alone true voltage-sensing height control

  • Programmable for separate pierce height and cut height for improved consumable life.
  • Simple operational controls and fault indicators for easy training, operation and diagnostics.
  • The lifter has a built-in keyed magnetic breakaway for the torch holder that protects the torch during plate collisions by sensing the collision during separation from the mount. It then provides fast and repeatable recovery due to the keyed assembly with magnets that retain the mounting block after the torch is repositioned.
  • No operator input required while cutting.


High performance, accuracy and flexibility