Firecut lite - CNC plasma cutter

Fume Extraction – for CNC Plasma cutting tables

The Firecut HD heavy duty cnc Plasma Cutting Machine has been designed to provide our customers with a machine that is capable of running in the most demanding environments where high production plasma cutting is required. By combining Hypertherm’s heavy duty Maxpro 200, Edge control cnc, our heavy duty Sensor Torch height control and our heavy drive system the FirecutHD is ideally suited to life where three shift patterns are the norm.

The Firecut HD  incorporates a highly efficient sectional fume table  reducing the size of fume Extraction system required compared to other machines.

The machine is available in compact versions up to 4m by 2m and rail mounted versions up to 12m by 5m.Cut parameters are embedded into the cnc files using Pronest LT Nesting and cut optimization software and loaded onto the machine via Ethernet cable or USB stick greatly reducing the chance of operator error.

  • Compact but heavy duty cutting table easily capable of supporting 35mm plate.
  • High strength, low mass extruded aluminium bridge supported by high quality linear slides and carriages.
  • Strong, accurate servo motors with anti backlash gearboxes connected to rack and pinion drives for extremely smooth motion at all speeds.
  • Sectional downdraft or water table design.
  • 2.5×1.25, 3×1.5 or 4×2 metre cut area.
  • Hypertherm Powermax or Maxpro 200 Longlife Oxygen plasma cutting systems.
  • Rollerball lifter or Sensor TI torch height control.
  • Max Speed 10,000 mm/min
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Sideros fume extraction

Sensor Ti Torch Height Control and Lifter

Robust, accurate mechanics provide the platform for Hypertherms industry leading technology. 

Magnetic breakaway with easy realignment system, activates the rapid stop process to minimize the risk of expensive torch damage in the event of a collision. Programmable pierce, transfer and cut heights ensure maximum cut capacity and consumable life while minimizing cut angle. Automatic re-adjustment of the torch height as the electrode wears without the need for operator intervention.

Firecut lite cnc plasma cutter rollerball lifter

Rollerball lifter

Ideally suited to cutting the thin plate used in the Hivac industry, uses air pressure to hold it against the plate as it cuts.

Nesting and cut optimisation Software

  • Really easy to learn and use yet powerful nesting solutions.
  • 2D drawing package and variable shape library allow you to draw your own parts or modify a comprehensive range of pre loaded shapes.
  • NestMaster and TurboNest let you import and modify DWG and DXF CAD files, separate multiple parts from one CAD file while warning you about file errors and correcting them as required.
  • Manual nesting lets you drag, drop, bump and rotate parts on a nest while automatic one click nesting does all the hard work for you.
  • Process parameters are embedded into the output CNC file ensuring consistent high quality cutting every time.

pronest plasma cutter software

CNC Control

Edge Ti shape cutting control

  • Minimal operator input required, part programs embedded with optimal cut parameters for consistent, high quality cutting.
  • Cut Pro wizard enables even novices to cut like a pro in under 10 minutes.
  • Lan/wireless networking supports easy program download, remote help and software updates.
  • 15 inch glass Sound Acoustic Wave touch screen for reliable operation.
  • Industry leading Phoenix software backed by frequent updates means you will always be working with the best cutting software available.
  • Easy, accurate plate alignment ensures minimal material wastage.
  • Rapid part and sample arc voltage technology ensure maximum consumable life and productivity.
  • On screen watch windows provide real time monitoring of all aspects of the cutting process.
  • One touch access to supporting documents including instruction manuals, consumable change instructions and diagnostic tools.


heavy duty plasma cutter bevil head

Typical applications

The FireCut Lite CNC plasma cutting table

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Safety system

  • E stop switches are provided at the operator console and at each end of the bridge.
  • E stop rope guard barriers are fitted to the front and rear of the bridge and the torch lifter has a magnetic breakaway system integrated into the fast stop circuit.

The Firecut Lite has been designed  to provide years of quality cutting, long after others have been assigned to the scrap yard.


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