Firecut Gold - Laser cut quality

Firecut Gold – Highest Performance CNC plasma cutting machines

Laser cut quality upto 6mm solid steel using XPR300

Our new 2018 Firecut gold takes everything to a whole new level.

With the ability to accommodate a multi head, multi bridge design with oxyfuel, plasma bevel and rotary pipe cutting, it provides the platform for extremely complex 3D cutting.


  • Up to 20m x 5x

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Firecut Gold 2018 CNC plasma cutting table

Edge Connect CNC

EDGE® Connect, Hypertherm’s newest Computer Numeric Control (CNC) platform, delivers unmatched reliability, powerful embedded capabilities, and a high level of customizability. Based on our proprietary, industry-leading Phoenix® CNC platform, the system offers new, advanced software features – including ProNest® CNC automatic nesting delivering SureCut™ technology – along with enhanced hardware.

For easy set up, changes, and upgrades, Edge Connect CNCs can be configured in the field with software specific to the cutting machine application. The easy-to-use system combines advanced cutting performance with an intuitive graphical interface.

  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Version 10 Phoenix cnc software
  • Pronest automatic nesting option
  • Ethercat machine interface for superior drive motion
  • Embedded Surecut technology for easy operator use and 3 times the consumable life of competitors’ machines without this technology

Edge connect CNC (Computer Numeric Control)

Sensor Torch Height control:

Specifically designed to integrate with Hypertherm’s CNC solutions, the Sensor™ torch height control is a full-featured torch height control system that can significantly increase the productivity and running cost of your Firecut CNC Plasma cutting table.

  •  Increased height control accuracy for consistent cut angle
  • Magnetic torch breakaway with self-alignment system
  • Built in laser pointer for easy plate alignment

Sensor torch height control

Delta Heavy Duty Ethercat Drive motors and amplifiers provide:

  • Improved motion
  • Faster response time (typically 10 micro seconds)
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved diagnostics

Heavy Duty Ethercat servo

Hypertherm’s Surecut technology provides

SureCut™ technology helps maximize performance by providing embedded expertise through a combination of products that includes plasma power supplies to CNCs and CAM software.

Pronest Software

Really easy to learn and use yet powerful nesting solution.

2D drawing package and variable shape library allow you to draw your own parts or modify a comprehensive range of pre loaded shapes, Pronest software lets you import and modify DWG and DXF CAD files, separate multiple parts from one CAD file while warning you about file errors and correcting them as required.

Manual nesting lets you drag, drop, bump and rotate parts on a nest while automatic one click nesting does all the hard work for you. Process parameters are embedded into the output CNC file ensuring consistent high quality cutting every time.

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Pronest 2010 pheonix 10 nesting software

  •  Maximum performance through embedded expertise
  • Automatic re-adjustment of the torch height as the electrode wears giving consistent cut angle and three times the consumable life of competitors’ machines without Surecut Technology.
  • Cut Pro Wizard for easy job set up and plate alignment without years of experience.

Enclosed racks and linear slides


Our long axis racks and linear slides are protected from sparks and falling debris which could otherwise cause expensive damage, and therefore greatly reduce the need for regulator maintenance.

Automatic bearing and slide lubrication

Automatic bearing lubrication

Specially formulated lubricating oil is pumped automatically to every linear bearing, greatly extending the life of expensive parts and ensuring smooth motion, essential for high quality cutting.

Safety system

E stop switches are provided at the operator console and at each end of the bridge, the torch lifter has a magnetic breakaway system integrated into the E stop circuit.

Optional E stop rope guard barriers can be fitted to the front and rear of the bridge

Heavy duty bridge with heat compensation

firecut bridge

By mounting one end of the bridge on bearings we ensure that it doesn’t twist if the table expands due to the heat produced by the cutting process. This ensures parts being cut square.



fume-extractionHigh quality fume extraction units with fully automatic filter cleaning are available to suit all sizes of machine and cutting system.

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Bevel and rotary pipe options are available separately or in combination to allow very complex 3D cutting for numerous applications.


oxyfuel-cutting-torchWe can supply all our machines fitted with a fully automatic oxyfuel torch to increase the mild steel cut capacity to 150mm.

Drilling Head

Firecut Drill headOptional Drill heads available on Firecut Gold models

Why choose a City Plasma CNC table

Reduced speed for accurate corners

Unlike most CNC plasma cutters, City plasma doesn’t need to add  additional ‘ears’ to corners. City Plasma wil slow down to guarntee each corner is clean adn accurate.

City Plasma example of mouse ear corner