EzeeCut CNC Plasma Cutter

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EzeeCut – CNC Plasma Cutting Table

The EzeeCut CNC plasma cutting machine is easy to set up and easy to use; this makes it ideal for people without years of experience of working a CNC plasma cutting machine.  The touch screen CNC control has all the features of high-end industrial machines, enabling even the novice user to produce high quality cut parts from the very first day.

This machine is perfect for schools and colleges, starter businesses or for those who want bring production in-house.

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EzeeCut CNC plasma cutting table

Industrial touch screen CNC control

This is the brains of the system, controlling all aspects of the cutting process. The 15 inch touch screen provides a reliable operator interface for the intuitive software. Allowing you to modify, nest and cut shapes from the built in shape library or import customer parts in most industrial drawing formats.

The easy to use software allows new operators to cut production parts in less than 5 minutes. All cutting parameters are built in, eliminating operator error. Network access provides part program loading, remote help and software updates.

CNC control EzeeCut Plasma Cutter
EzeeCut industrial torch lifter

Industrial torch lifter

The industrial quality torch lifter uses an initial height sensing switch to find the correct piercing height, then uses arc voltage feedback from the plasma system to maintain the correct cutting height.

The magnetic torch breakaway with rapid reinstall reduces set up times and minimizes down time.
The built in laser pointer allows easy, accurate plate alignment ensuring all nests line up perfectly with the plate.

Dual side rack and pinion drives

The EzeeCut bridge is mounted on high quality linear bearings, driven by dual side powerful 300W motors connected by rack and pinions. Designed to produce the very smooth motion essential for quality plasma cutting.

Plasma cutting systems

The Ezeecut can be supplied with any of Hypertherm’s mechanised Powermax plasma cutting systems. The Powermax plasma cutting systems are recognised worldwide for their cut quality, reliability and low running costs; which is probably why they have been the market leader for so many years.

hypertherm powermax range
EzeeCut Table types and sizes

Table types and sizes

The EzeeCut is available with water table or sectional fume table and with cut areas of  2.5m x 1.25m or 3m x 1.5m

Fume extraction systems

Affordable high quality, fume extraction systems provide an easy clean way of disposing of plasma dust for those customers who prefer a dry cutting table.

pronest screenshotPronest nesting & cut optimization software

ProNest LT nesting software, for conventional plasma and oxyfuel applications, delivers best-in-class performance and reliability yet is also incredibly easy to learn and use. With ProNest LT you will experience flexible import of your 2D CAD files, material cost savings from efficient nesting, and repeatable results from parameter-based setups that provide consistent cut quality and productivity, along with reduced operating costs. ProNest LT offers the solutions you need to process your jobs quickly, easily, and profitably

ezeecut scannerEzeeScan drawing scanner

The clip on EzeeScan unit allows you to copy artistic or drawn shapes up to the size of the machine bed and convert them to DXF or CNC files.

Ezzecut ScribeEzeeScribe scribing device

This unit allows you to scribe centre marks, fold lines and lettering with an adjustable depth for working on different material types.

Video for the EzeeCut CNC plasma cutter will be available soon.

EzeeCut CNC plasma cutting machine specifications

Cut Area2500mm x 1250mm3000mm x 1500mm
Footprint2.975m x 1.925m3.495m x 2.23m
Touch Screen CNCYesYes
Arc Voltage Height ControlYesYes
Initial Height SensingYesYes
Advance Hole SoftwareYesYes
Torch BreakawayYesYes
Drive Motors300 Watt300 Watt
Plasma SystemHypertherm PowermaxHypertherm Powermax
Scribing UnitOptionalOptional
Scanning UnitOptionalOptional