Cost Effective plasma cutting

The HySpeed® Plasma HSD130 is positioned between Powermax air plasma and HyPerformance HyDefinition plasma systems. It features impressive cut speeds, rapid piercing and minimal secondary operations for maximum productivity. A cost-effective alternative to other metal cutting solutions such as oxyfuel or air plasma, the system incorporates Hypertherm’s patented LongLife™ technology to significantly improve consumable life for both oxygen and air processes.

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Easy to use

  • One of the easiest plasma systems available on the market for oxygen and air plasma cutting – easy to install, easy to run, easy to troubleshoot.

More cost effective

  • Ease of use, reliability, and productivity all add up to a more cost effective system than other metal cutting solutions.

Higher productivity

  • The fastest cut speeds in its class, rapid pierce, and minimal secondary operations let you produce more finished parts per hour
  • Engineered with 100% duty cycle for the most demanding production environments

HSD 130 plasma cutter chart

Typical applications

The HSD130 Cost effective plasma cutting

  • Agriculture
  • Artwork, signs & ornamentation
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Metal fabricators
  • Mining
  • Pipe & pipelines
  • Shipbuilding
  • Steel service centers
  • Structural steel
  • Transportation


  • Bevel cutting
  • Hole cutting
Mild SteelDross free
Production (pierce)
Severance (edge starts)
16 mm (5/8″)
25 mm (1″)
38 mm (1-1⁄2″)
Stainless SteelProduction (pierce)
Severance (edge starts)
20 mm (3/4″)
25 mm (1″)
AluminumProduction (pierce)
Severance (edge starts)
20 mm (3/4″)
25 mm (1″)
(Mild steel)
Book specification at highest output current12 mm (1/2″)
2200 mm/m
(80 ipm)
Cut angleISO 9013 range**4
WeldabilityReady to weld
Process gases
by material
Mild steel

Stainless steel


02/Air, Air/Air

Air/Air, N2/N2,
F5/N2, H35/N2

Air/Air, H35/N2

Process amps
Not all processes available
for all materials


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