Improve your plasma cutting machine


We offer a range of nesting software solutions to suit all applications. click below to learn more about our CAD/CAM nesting software.

CAD/CAM Software


Hypertherm plasma torch consumabes, designed and created from many years of developing plasma torch technology, which has helped to make Hypertherm the plasma cutting machine market leader for over 20 years. This development has been down to the research and development done on torch consumables.

Plasma Torch Consumables

plasma cutter fume extraction

ECOLINE dust/fume collectors have marked a significant turn in the industrial filtration field thanks to their high performances in suction and filtration.

SIDEROS Enginerring provide City Plasma Services Ltd with their cutting edge compact dust collecting technology, specifically designed for Plasma Cutting Machines.

Fume Extraction


SPRINTER PALLET CHANGER has been designed to be integrated with our CNC Plasma cutting machines, requiring automation to transfer the metal sheet from the loading/unloading bay to the cutting area.

Changover Tables


Compact, safe and efficient, ROTOCLEAN allows a rapid and cheap removal of slag, burr, calamine and rust from oxycut or plasma cut workpieces in full safety and autonomy.

Deburring Tumblers

self cleaning CNC table

Perfectly integrated in our FIRECUT CNC tables, Rapidclean has been designed in order to replace the old slag containers and enables the automatic extraction of slag produced during plasma cutting operations.

Self Cleaning Table