Self cleaning CNC plasma cutter table

Perfectly integrated with our FIRECUT CNC Plasma cutting tables, Rapidclean has been designed in order to replace the old slag containers and enables the automatic extraction of slag produced during plasma cutting operations.

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Maximum productivity


  • Automatic extraction of slag during metal plate cutting
  • It avoids expensive machine downtimes to remove and empty the collection tanks, thus increasing safety
  • Emptying of only one slag container with high collection capacity
  • Abatement of maintenance costs
  • Suitable for heavy applications several work shifts
  • SMOKE FREE table
  • Suitable for Plasma, Laser and Oxy-fuel applications
  • Single or double RAPIDCLEAN available according to table width

Optional extras

Customized Slats Design

All SIDEROS ENGINEERING downdraft tables can be equipped with customized slats particularly designed for any kind applications.


Raised slag discharge

Rapidclean can be equipped with a raised discharge whch conveys and discharge the slag into a container on wheels placed on the floor.


Openable slag containers

High capacity openable slag containers on wheels, designed to facilitate the emptying operations.


HD (heavy duty) down draft table configuration

In case of (HD) heavy duty applications and very  high temperatures, Sideros Engineering manufactures down draft tables can be equipped with thicker slats, slag container, and more resistant supporting structures.

Configuration applicable for all Sideros down draft tables.


Viton Pneumatic cylinders for high temperatures


Electrically controlled valves

The Sideros downdraft tables can be equipped with electrically activated valves with direct connection to the Numeric Control of the cutting machine.



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