Plasma Torch Consumables

Genuine Hypertherm Plasma Torch Consumables

Hypertherm Plasma Torch Consumables, designed and created from many years of developing plasma torch technology, which has helped to make Hypertherm the plasma cutting machine market leader for over 20 years. This development has been down to the research and development done on torch consumables. Our range of consumables are pefect for our handheld plasma cutters and our CNC Plasma cutting machine.

Hypertherm knows that parts life, cut quality and repeatability are of great importance to our customers and that these important features are greatly influenced by the quality and tolerance of parts being used. The torch consumables harness the amazing power, gas pressures and heat produced by the plasma cutting process and here are a few examples of why you should buy genuine Hypertherm torch consumables from City Plasma Services.

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Plasma Torch Consumables

Cut Quality

Poor alignment of the nozzle and electrode inside the plasma torch consumables may result in cut-angle variability requiring re-working and finishing that reduces productivity. Customers are specifying closer tolerances in their cut parts, the ability of your systems to produce parts to this standard will be affected by the tolerance of the consumable that you use.

Consumable Life

Proper fitting of the hafnium insert in the electrode is critical. An improperley fitted hafnium insert creates spaces between the insert and the cooling surface of the copper. These gaps reduce heat transfer, resulting in severe erosion and significantly shorter electrode life. Any financial savings you receive from using cheaper electrodes is greatly outweighed by the fact that will need to change them more frequently causing increased downtime and of course you will need to purchase more of them.

System Failure

Improperly dimensioned parts can damage torches. A mistake in the cooling channel inside an electrode can create an overheating situation. Even a simple thing like poor threading can disable a torch.

Plasma Torch Consumables


City Plasma can help.

Centricut Consumables

If you do not have a Hypertherm plasma cutting machine, we can still help you and, we may be able to reduce your plasma torch consumables costs!

How? By using Centricut consumables for non Hypertherm plasma systems.

City Plasma Services are pleased to supply Centricut plasma consumables for non-Hypertherm plasma cutting systems. Centricut (a Hypertherm company) have used their 40 years of experience to engineer a range of non-Hypertherm consumables that last longer and cut better than the originals, so what are you waiting for?

For more information, please see our PDF’s, all PDF files are less than 1Mb and each opens in a new window.

Centricut plasma torch consumables for plasma cutting machines

Centricut Consumables Overview


KALIBURN (formerly Inner Logic)

This is just a small sample of the Centricut plasma consumables we are able to supply, download the catalogue for the full list of consumables currently available from City Plasma Services Centricut Catalogue (3Mb).

Please Email us or call us on 0114 2487575 now for prices or free samples and let us reduce your consumables costs.

Plasma Consumables


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