CNC Cutting Machines and Automation Tools

CNC Plasma, CNC Laser, CNC Waterjet & CNC Oxyfuel Cutting Machines

City Plasma offers a comprehensive range of CNC cutting machines, including CNC plasma cutters, CNC Laser cutters, CNC Oxyfuel cutters and water jet cutters. From cutting machines for limited areas to multi-tool, super-heavy duty cutting machines, City Plasma has what you need for greater efficiency and productivity and at great prices too!

CNC cutting machine installations

Abraservice sought our assistance with CNC cutting machines

A MasterCut installation at Abraservice UK. Powered by the Hypertherm XPR 130 and utilising the Smart Z axis cutting software to dramatically improve productivity with more parts per hour.

glass recycling mg Plasma Cutter with rotary bevel and drilling head installation

The MG CNC Plasma Cutter is no ordinary machine, its rotary bevel plasma, combined with drilling, tapping and routing capabilities, produce parts that would normally require several machines.

Who is City Plasma?

Specialists in CNC cutting machines and automation solutions, City Plasma is a dedicated, family-owned business with well over 30 years experience in the cutting industry.

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Expanding key strengths

Now into our fourth decade, we are experts in supplying and supporting Hypertherm plasma cutting machines across the UK.

In 2021, we established a partnership with MicroStep to expand into a much wider range of cutting technologies. Along with plasma cutting, we now supply CNC fibre laser cutting, water jet and oxyfuel cutting solutions.

MicroStep produce CNC cutting machines that are capable of bevel cutting and can be used for a variety of applications, including pipe and tube cutting.

Our key strength lies in our partnership with MicroStep because it provides access to extensive knowledge and expertise in various cutting.

Research and development

We have access to a large R&D (research and development) team and it will collaborate with your company to develop customised cutting solutions for your specific needs.

One of the many notable features of their CNC cutting machines is remote diagnostics to minimise your downtime. Our team of engineers will connect to your equipment and quickly identify the cause of any breakdowns.

Centrally located

The bonus of our location in Sheffield ensures our mobile engineering team will reach any part of the UK within a short timeframe.

Who is MicroStep?

MicroStep is one of the largest suppliers of CNC cutting machines and automation solutions in Europe, if the not the World. They have supplied manufacturers in over 58 countries.

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Cutting edge technology

MicroStep is a prominent global manufacturer and supplier of CNC cutting machines.

Products includes CNC cutters with a variety of technologies, such as plasma, fibre laser, oxyfuel, waterjet, and routing.

Advanced control systems

They specialise in developing and delivering advanced control systems for machine tools, along with CAM software that features customisable modules to cater to diverse applications.

Global presence

With a presence spanning 58 countries, MicroStep reaches customers through an extensive network of authorized dealers and subsiduaries. Their valuable UK partnership with City Plasma commenced in 2021.

Beyond their home base in Europe, MicroStep’s cutting-edge machines find application in regions as far-reaching as the USA, Canada, China, South Africa, the Middle East, India, Vietnam, and South Korea.

Innovation and precision

In the realms of cutting technology, MicroStep proudly stands among the world’s leading manufacturers and stands as a global powerhouse, offering CNC cutting solutions that exemplifies innovation and precision.

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